Saturday 17 March 2007

The Symptoms of Cult (see complaints)

Rudra is a fellow traveller of cultists. He is always with them. Here he lists some of their identifying characteristics:.

Divided self.
Withdrawal from daily life.
Loosening of family bonds and responsibilities.
Belief in a more powerful and significant purpose than material, bodily and social needs.
Adherence to tradition and authority rather than personal insight.

Desire (just another desire) for self-advancement to an 'egoless' or 'surrendered' state.
Abbrogation of personal intuition and desires in the name of loosening of ego.
Worshipful attitude to 'elders' and 'masters'.
Personality cult behaviour.

Feelings of higher knowledge compared to fellow men, even a subtle sense of pity.
Spiritual careerism.
Adherence to hierarchical structures .

Secrecy required for 'advanced teachings.'
Ladder of advancement and concommitment bestowal of initiations, titles and status.
Inordinate reverence for scripture and teachings said to come from higher or enlightened sources (no proof needed).
Loss of sense of humour, loss of sense of self.
Lack of ability to continue to question.
Rootedness in one worldview to the exclusion of others or none.
Can't see outside the box.

Belief in tradition (what was) and teachings (the frozen thoughts of man).
Group bonding which automatically creates a 'them' and 'us'.
Charitable activity in the name of the group (or to 'save' others.)
Frozen views on morality and ethics.
Frozen views, period.

He has noticed many of these traits in those with no cult or religious tenets as well. Being a cultist himself however he finds it hard to see outside the box (Cult symptom number 18).

He recognises the tender glory of the uncontaminated human being but would never dream of solidifying it in thought or structure.

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