Thursday 19 July 2007

Action before thought.

An Israeli wildlife guide has overpowered an ageing leopard that jumped into his bed during the night.

Mr Du Mosch had no time to think before grabbing the wild creature.
Clad only in his night clothes, Arthur Du Mosch lunged at the big cat and grabbed its neck, pinning it down for 20 minutes until help arrived.
"This kind of thing doesn't happen every day," the 49-year-old said. "I wasn't thinking, I just acted."

Tuesday 10 July 2007

Letters from India

Our very own Rudranee is in Delhi this moment taking some seasonal enemas and observing the vast throngs of humanity. She sends this pithy insight:

"Rudrinee was walking in the park this morning and got some pure consciousness stuck on the bottom of her shoe " Holy Cow!" she muttered....Oh well shit happens... "

From another Indian commentator:

"If we are really earnest and open with quest, insights and opening ups can happen even at the feet of a donkey."