Sunday 18 March 2007

Beyond Acceptance

Rudra used to embrace the bizarre, now he embraces the norm. He wanted to solve the problem of pain, sickness, loneliness, boredom, sadness and malaise. He employed every trick in the book to escape these; acceptance, sublimation, choiceless awareness, distraction and avoidance. He sought the help of meditation, stupefaction, hypnosis, drugs and 'spiritual guidance'. He twisted and squirmed until he had nowhere left to run. He was stopped in his tracks yet his fevered brain fought for survival. The first step was to throw out all the deadweight solutions, namely philosophies, religion and meditation. The second step was the realisation that his survival depended on a self that wanted to survive. As when the car starts to break away in a skid the best thing to do is nothing said he to himself. The third step was.............
Sometimes he kills the motor, hoists the sail and lets the wind take him. Sometimes he dons the Teflon overcoat. Sometimes his vile temper gets the better of him, sometimes he swoons with love. Rudderless he allows the meteorites of ennui. He says to himself "What a little cutter" and we fail to understand where he has gone.
Where are you Rudra (when we need you)? The cat has gone but the grin remains.

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