Saturday 24 March 2007

The Growth of Buddhism (feedback)

From Mrs G.G. of West Cork: "Rudra is an example to none of us" .

From Mrs R.B. of West Cork: "Rudra says wherever I keep leg there will be ants".

From Mr D.S. of Co Cork: (On hearing that Rudra had put his clock forward 25 hours) "May God be amongst her goats for evermore. Praise be to St Rudra, may she continue to deepen the mysterie

From Miss P.D.G of London: (on hearing the same news) "Whereas Ruppee Bear was extremely forward and clocked someone"

From Miss C.G. 0f Wicklow: "Rushka put his clock back 23 hours"

From Guru Des Res: "May all your Mondays be Sundays".

Comment from archivist Didier Defargo (no relation to the world cup skier or personality disorder clinic doctor) 'We are thrilled to hear that Rudra has achieved Sainthood and femininity in some quarters'. We won't pass it on as it might induce a swollen ego. Rudra is quite content with his massive one already. In fact he is proud of it. Rudra always carries ant repellent.'

From Mrs G.G: 'Aunt Repellant'

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Anonymous said...

No spring days yet in any case as we are a few weeks behind here, running still, as we are, on IFSWT (AWP) (Irish Free State Winter Time (Associated Western Parishes)) as per the 1922 agreement (revised 1964) . Mrs Ludwig Wittgenstein herself added: 'He would be happy if were to know and as he himself said often to me; 'I sit astride life like a bad rider on a goat. I only owe it to the goat's good nature that I am not thrown off at this very moment'