Wednesday 14 March 2007

Introducing 'The Blessed' Bognor Regis

We have been introduced to 'The Blessed' Bognor Regis and his dog 'The Cratur' by a Mr T.B. of Kerry who knows him well. He assures us that Bognor can be seen at all the society events and is just back from the Indian wedding of Liz Hurley where he met a rather shy man answering to the name of Rudra.

Although technically still alive 'The Blessed' Bognor Regis is the putative saint of greyhounds. His name is on the list for canonisation after his intercession resulted in a small fortune for Mrs B. of Uttoxeter. She had won ST£125,000 on the popular television game show 'Who wants to be a millionaire' after correctly answering the multiple choice question: Who was the father of Edith Piaf?
A. Igor Stravinsky
B. Bernard Manning
3. M. Gassion*
4. Antoine de St. Exuprey


After a prayer to Bognor Regis she wagered the whole sum of money on Amphetamine Boy in the 2.30 at her local racetrack resulting in a record payout for that meeting.

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