Wednesday 27 November 2013



Test every word you say so that its validity is proven in your own being.
This is the timeless brief;
To sing your heart's song
Straight out into the void from which it came

Cleverness and artifice are for others

For you there are no options but to growl your growl
To let the hammer fall where it must;
On what it must.
Be gentle as mist or thunderous as avalanche,
Whichever is summoned.

There's little point in holding back
When the ground you traverse is the ground you stand on.

Tuesday 5 March 2013


Precious few question
What they are doing in this rubbery sack
With nine holes.
On the other hand
Some spend a lifetime
Investigating this puzzle
Or worshiping it.

Most ignore the inquiry
Seemingly content
To let the toy donkey trot down the hill
Powered solely by gravity.

Whether either approach has any intrinsic merit
Is certainly open to question.
The seekers who claim to be finders
End up living step for step
Like those who never sought.
 - Rudra Nua