Friday 23 March 2007

Oscars and Elephants

The World Forum of Religions has announced the Spiritual Oscars. Rudra has been tipped for best supporting evangelist.

A bitchy rival, name supplied, has claimed that "Rudra is a spiritual pygmy, what little he knew has evaporated."

Rudra himself claims that the further he runs away the nearer he gets. The very concept of 'the spiritual' is anathema to him; a construct of man. He sees no such divide. Truth to tell, his world is populated by elephantine thoughts. These dear creatures are noted for their love of family and their rage when in 'must'.

Now, as to dogs, we have it on good authority that Amphetmine Boy, that won a small fortune for Mrs B of Uttoxeter (scroll down to 'introducing the Blessed Bognor Regis') was in fact owned, in camera, by the Grimaldi Racing Stables. Their racing colours blew their cover; red triangles on a white background.

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