Thursday 25 February 2010

Tilting at windmills

‘If you are wrestling with conquering the wrong, your fight is forever’ 
 Stuart Schwartz

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Redundant overseer

'quod elixum est ne asato'
Don't roast what's already boiled

Sunday 21 February 2010

Without Allegiance

"Illumination, like all things sublime, creeps into the conscious awareness of the willing and childlike. It enters on kitten's feet, unannounced......."

The simplicity of the late William Samuel's understanding is liberating and resolves all the metaphysical and intellectual knots that are lying in wait for the unwary seeker. Rudra cannot call himself anything: dualist / non-dualist or any variety of 'ist'. When the heart is touched, from whatever source, it cannot be denied or unfelt. This is the beauty, where comparisons and reasoning are mere shadows on the wall of mind.

Friday 12 February 2010

Homeless everywhere

LaoTse said, "Everyone else has an aim and purpose in life, but I alone am confused and wander aimlessly like a child with no home".

Wednesday 10 February 2010

William Samuel

Rudra has been reading William Samuel's book The Child Within Us Lives and watching his last talks on DVD. What delightful man he was and is and how freeing his talks can be. He elucidates clearly the oneness inherent in the 'relative/absolute/relative' trinity as expressed by the Zen saying 'first there was a mountain then there was no mountain then there was'. Rudra briefly mentioned the absolutist's position when talking with Pamela Wilson and she said 'it's not a fatal disease'.

Here is the website address and short excerpt from William Samuel.:

The One Who Knows Doesn't Speak       By William Samuel

A certain portion of our "audience" will be those fine folk who have heard and ascribed to that bit of Oriental wisdom, "The one who knows doesn't speak, etc." A substantial portion will be those who say, "Everything is One, there is no 'personal person' and It Is That- As It Is, so to whom are you addressing this book?"

THE ONE WHO KNOWS DOESN'T SPEAK, what about that statement; The one who knows doesn't speak and the one who speaks doesn't know?
The real and short answer is this: The One who knows does EVERYTHING. That one is the One being the only one, and This That is all inclusive Beingness being All That Is.

Truth may be Absolute, but one day you find out Truth includes both duality and non-duality, this world of tangible time and form does not disappear upon the assertion that 'time and matter and 'me sense' do not exist.

Saturday 6 February 2010

There never was an answer.

On being asked as to the state of his body's health Rudra shot back "luckily I don't write the script so who am I to care". His half brother and beloved companion Roushka had other ideas but kept them to himself.

Watch this space for a transcription of a recent formal interview between the two (Ed.)