Thursday 15 March 2007

Rudra's musical relatives

The Rudra archivist, Didier Defargo (no relation to the world cup skier), has come up with an interesting genealogical surprise.Whilst researching Rudra's visit to Dorrigo in the rain forest of New South Wales in 2005 he found that R's distant relatives had lived there almost a century back. It seems this was Rudra's raison d'etre for the trip. The Murphy family emigrated there around the beginning of the twentieth century, in fact it was a forcible emigration due to the paltry theft of a ewe.

Back to the present day! Brendan Murphy and his nephew Junior (above) are both passionate piano players (seen above with the family Bechstein, manufactured in 1893). It was their grandparents who went to Dorrigo and hence they are distant relations of Rudra.

An arcane footnote: Cecil Murphy (1931 to 1997), Brendan's father, was a ranger in the Dorrigo National Park and was awarded the AC (Companion in the general division) in 1983.

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