Wednesday 28 September 2011

Friday 16 September 2011


Very few of us write on a blank page,
Or eat off an empty plate.
Try not to think and you are thinking
Ignore the moment and you dream.

Rudra adapted many a strategy over the years to achieve emptiness.
He thought he had identified the enemy and began to encircle it.
A full frontal attack was followed by the infiltration of undercover agents.

Locking horns prolongs the conflict.
Strategic retreat earns respite.
But he was not looking for either of these. 

Sixty years passed before he realised he was in a gallery of ghosts. 

-Rudra Nua

Thursday 15 September 2011

Non-Duality for golfers:
'Every hole a hole in one.'

Tuesday 13 September 2011

I confess I truly know nothing.
The appearance is a bafflement
The body equally so
And please dont start on the mind.

Slipping through these immense waters, nothing stirs.

Once I was surrounded with barriers,
Problems followed hot on each other's heels.
But what can be left when there is no lucky winner, no lucky loser?

-Rudra Nua

How could you
Tread in yesterday's footprint
Inhabit the space you just left
Replicate the person that stepped out of the moment just gone?
The carpet rolls up behind you
There is just the right amount of carpet where you stand.

Tent pegs will not penetrate rock
Ideal ground is right beneath you.

I once saw a fozen river
But even that thawed in the spring
Why flog a dead horse?
Leave not a trace of your existence.

-Rudra Nua


'Are we there yet?'
'There' will never be here.

"Is this really it?"
Yes, this really is it.

"Will everything fall into place
When I reach my destination?"
Everything is in place.
You will never reach your destination.

There will never be an end of the line.
How could there be a beginning or an end
When there is no line?

-Rudra Nua