Friday 5 June 2009


Rudra and his twin Roushka spent 4 days at Aherlow Castle. Roushka is still misssing believed lost in the big oak wood. There are scratching sounds as if behind glass walls. At times he appears, bespactled and learned as if to show off his knowledge of the world and its ways. Truth be told he is a very convincing expert and wears the cloak of an engaged and engaging listener. However there is an insubstantial air to him that cannot be ignored.

Rudra remains bemused and absorbed with whatever plate is served up. He feels as light as the wind and describes his state as being similar to an excavated field.

All praise and salutations ring out to the compassionate teacher Stuart Schwartz. All praise and salutations ring out to the fellow students and the magnaminious hosts. The echoes and the perfume of that time appear in most unexpected places.


"Blessed is the pathless path and the walk-less walker" Hans Laurentius