Friday 26 October 2007

From a Scottish correspondent

'Rudra comes from a long line of Catholic Priests'.

Monday 22 October 2007

What will you be today?

"Be an irrepressible fountain of happiness."

Robert Adams

Robert Adams

More wisdom from Robert Adams:

There are no problems. There is nothing wrong. Everything is unfolding as it should. Everything happens in its own time. Space and time are illusions. They really do not exist. They're stationary. Causation doesn't exist either. No thing has a cause, therefore no thing has an effect. Cause and effects are again products of your own mind. When the mind is quiet, karma ceases. Samscaras are non-existent. There never was a cause for anything. But if you feel that in a previous life you did something wrong and now you are paying the price, or if you think that you did something wrong in this life and you’re paying the price, then you'll pay the price, because that's what you think.

And Again:

What are you doing with your life? How do you spend your days? The appearance is that your body is getting older and older, and if you're still judging by appearances you try to look younger and younger by putting creams on your face, by exercising day and night, by buying the finest clothes. It's like beating a dead horse. The so called body is not meant to last. As soon as you were born you began to die. Therefore find out. Who is born? Who dies? Who has experiences? Who is going through this entire mess? Who needs it? Who wants it? Wake up!

Cosmic Joke How are you?

The beginning of wisdom is understanding that there is no wisdom. There is no body to have wisdom. The more you try to analyze things, the more you use your brain to function on this plane of existence, the more you put into Maya, into nothing, into illusion, the more that effort is inevitably doomed to failure. All your dreams and aspirations come to nothing. There is nothing you have to become or be.

Think of all the people looking for liberation, for enlightenment. Who wants to be liberated? The ego. There is no ego. (Laughter) There is no one to be liberated. Yet you continue to believe you exist.

From 'the Cosmic Joke' satsang of the late Robert Adams
More from Robert:
Now, let's talk about you. Think of the problems you believe you have. Think of the nonsense that you go on with everyday. Think how furious you become, how you always want to stick up for your rights, as if you had any. The problem is you think. If you would only stop thinking. You say, "How can I function if I stop thinking?" Very well, thank you! As a matter of fact you would function much better than you do now, for you will always be taken care of. The universe loves you. It will always supply you with your needs. Forget about other people, what they do, what they don't do. Do not listen to malicious gossip. Be yourself. Understand who you really are. You are the absolute reality, unconditioned consciousness. Work from that standpoint. Do not work from your problems. Do not get lost in meaningless gossip. Understand your true reality. Be yourself.
And again:
Where are you? You are consciousness. This is your true nature. Learn to love everything. Learn to see only the good. Realize there's a reason for everything. If a person displeases you, simply look the other way and forget it. Learn to stop your mind from thinking. And you do this by immediately catching yourself when you react to a condition, and inquiring within yourself, "Who is becoming angry? Who feels out of sorts? I do? I." Realize you're dealing with the personal I, and all the anger, all the frustration, all the karma, all the samscaras are all attached to that personal I. Consequently, when you get rid of the personal I, everything else will go with it. So don't try to solve your problems. Do not try to become a better person. Do not try to run away from your life. Simply see who it is who is running, who it is who needs to be a better person? Who has all these problems? I, I, always I. Hold onto that I with all of your might, but do not concentrate on the I. You concentrate on the source which is consciousness, God.

Sunday 14 October 2007

No Mistakes.

'The idea of a mistake is beside the point, for once anything happens, it authentically is.'

John Cage

Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Rudra has just been inducted into membership of the FSM Church.

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Tuesday 9 October 2007

Nobody home.

LaoTse said, "Everyone else has an aim and purpose in life, but I alone am confused and wander aimlessly like a child with no home".
"I do not know bad people, I only know myself. I see no saints nor sinners, only living beings."
Nisargadatta Maharaj.

The impudent / prudent question.

Just who do you think you are?

Breakthrough at Dzogchen Beara

The Truth has dawned up at our local Buddhist Centre and accordingly was posted on their front door.
How could Loving Kindness be 'practised' when it must arise of and by itself?
More to the point 'who' practises it. This illusory 'who' is seen to be the obstacle.

Wednesday 3 October 2007

I hunt him here I hunt him there.

"The so called self-realization is the discovery for yourself and by yourself that there is no self to discover". U.G. Krishnamurti