Thursday 5 April 2007

Strong Medicine

Expect nothing, least of all only muddies the pool. Hoist the sail, put the paws up in the wheelhouse and watch the thriller. Even one gramme of effort would be a catastrophe. After all, the weak sun is without prejudice; it shines on every one of us poor cutters.

Mortality and Majesty

Rudra steps into the big silver bird, swapping the smell of frangipani for toilet duck. Seated above the clouds he contemplates fragility and majesty. Being Rudra he makes no comparisons, but mutters under his breath 'give me majesty'.

Rudra and The Bognors at Prague

From our European Correspondent, Mr T. B. of Ballinskelligs:

Little understood shot of Rudra (possibly) at a race meeting in 2004. Only the tips of his ears and antenae are visible. 'Blessed' Bognor can be clearly seen however, and as usual his image is somewhat effect caused by an impetuous intake of curried fish and kidney beans...but this blurring adds authenticity to the image. Miss Lyme is not thought to be present in this shot although there is a school of belief that places her as seated below the steps of the statue just left of centre and many believe this to be the core inspirational notion behind Rudra's all time favourite beat group composition 'The Lady in Red', indeed there is a growing concensus that the very name 'De Burgh' may turn out to be anagramatic...although encrypted in a manner reminiscent of Enigma machinery.