Thursday 15 March 2007

In Extremis

Rudra surpasses the bounds of common decency. He flouts all norms of humanity teaching us that almost any imaginable action or dogma can be justified by the accomodating function of mind/thought (where have we seen that before?). On the very minor end of the scale we need only listen to the words of our London correspondent Ms. P.D.G.* describing R's behaviour:

"Rudra is now in a relationship with Ruppee bare. Rudra is following his rules on relationships to the letter. He only finds Ruppee attractive when legless and is planning to marry her before sobering up.

His future plans include insulting her entire family by name; forgetting every festival if possible but, if pushed, only buying his presents from all night garages including briquettes, anti-freeze or flowers that have been tied to a railing.

Rudra will be constantly on the look out for sexual alternatives. He'll never listen but be sure to make unreasonable sexual demands involving third parties and coprophilia and call Ruppee by his previous girlfriends name."

Charming! Go Rudra Go.

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