Monday 13 April 2009

Residents Lounge?

Owner Occupier
Totally convinced of his ownership and 100 per cent identified with the property. He is convinced that his  house is to be maintained and defended against allcomers. He has the deeds and is aware of his rights. He will take up arms if needs be to repel outside threats (anagram of 'the rats') 

Is aware that this is not his house but must act as if it is to be a good tenant. Will keep the space orderly and in good condition whilst relying on the owner to undertake major repairs. Is aware of his proprietary rights and tenancy obligations. Will defend the establishment up to a point but not as resolutely as the owner.

Has arrived here by cunning and judicious observation. He does not recognise the owner's rights but lives evasively and often in fear. If challenged he may put up a fight but is more inclined to take to his heels.


He is a peripatetic resident only revealing himself occasionally and seemingly at random. He obeys his own agenda and has no truck with rights and ownership. Being substantially invisible he has no business with  the world (in fact he does not subscribe to its existence). Yet he is here because there is a lingering longlost attraction to what was his world and is drawn back in some atavistic manner, much as a salmon is drawn to its place of birth.

The Space

Has no attributes, is utterly accomodating and belongs to no one. Is always there but is rarely even noticed. Without him the property would be unworkable. He has no colour, creed or philosophy. He has no ideals, opinions or boundaries. He doesn't do love or hate, yet due to his continuous generosity he can only be love.

Saturday 11 April 2009

The Challenge

Rudra was travelling behind enemy lines when challenged by a sentry with the textbook question "who goes there?'.

Unable to reply he was shot like a dog.