Thursday 22 March 2007

The Mistake of Enlightenment

Feedback from our readers Mr. and Mrs. M of West Cork :

Rudra: Enlightenment is not all it's made out to be. (literal
translation: "Finding true enlightenment of the Self was a huge

St Bognor comments: There IS no self to be enlightened.

Rudra (in belligerent form, you don't mess with him): I trust those who wish to take offense to my words are clever
enough to find a reason to do so without me explicitly having to give
them one.

John Trudell: Religious realities are not spiritual. The religious
reality that exists in these technolgic industrial perceptions are
not about responsibility, they're about authoritarianism and guilt
and sin and blame, domination and submission. They're not about
responsibility. Look at the situation and condition that the world is
in and you can tell that they're not about responsibility. They
accumulate wealth, they create their own authoritarian systems, they
use their authoritarian systems and accumulated wealth to influence
economic and political decisions that get made. They use their
resources, they use their authority and accumulated wealth to
influence military decisions that get made. Every behavior they have
is really and truly not about responsibility.

Rudra replies: "Go John Go"

Rudra is a conspiracy theorist.

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