Thursday 23 August 2012

Idée Fixe

Please don't look to me for good news,
Please don't expect bad news either.
Equanimity can be a rare commodity
But even that could be construed as an idėe fixe.

There comes a time when you are truly careless.
I can assure you a few surprises might come your way then. 
 -Rudra Nua


When the heart is signing its aria,
The world is quiet

Monday 16 July 2012

Wednesday 22 February 2012



Life with God,
Or without God,
Is all the same to a frog

Pity the poor mental gymnast;
He has overfilled his tank
And fuel has spilled all over the road.

~Rudra Nua



The pilgrim rests his staff and tears of frustration soak the ground.
He backed lame horses and fished without hooks.
All trust in trodden paths had long evaporated and
All hope for preferred states were left behind.

From this abandonment
A sapling appeared,
A fledgling peaked from the nest.

To flower or fly is at the whim of destiny
Not in his jurisdiction.

~ Rudra Nua



Salt doll, rope snake, duck rabbit
Hoary old chestnuts
To ask me who sees this life as solid.

In the fairground house of horrors
The floor starts to quiver.
The dear friends lose their lives.
Relationships form and bust.
The hungry lion of impermanence stalks the bush.
The carpet is whipped out from under the feet.

Two ways are open;
The well trod path of believing it all or
The freedom tango of seeing the false for the false,
The true for the true,