Thursday 22 March 2007

Savoir et Pouvoir.........

Rudra suggests a more succinct spelling of Tallagh
"Savoir et Pouvoir-to know and to do-are two different things......And we must look everywhere to find what we are looking is in ourselves that we shall find the answer if we know how to listen." Maria Huxley (wife of Aldous)
Rudra smells mischief when he hears the 'we' being overly used. Are you talking about yourself Maria? He sometimes feels liverish if not aldous.
Rudra's countenance is threatening. His ruddy cheeks, spinafex eyebrows and thunderous expression would sicken you, yet he speaks in dulcet tones with the most refined of language, bar the use of expletives. Solicitous in the extreme his rage knows no bounds.
He seeks solace in Petit Point.
Rudra gave away his complete inheritance in a brown paper bag to St Patrick. All he got for his efforts was a gruff " Thanks Big Fella".

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