Friday 31 July 2009

When your eye is single.

When there is someone at home to receive the post it is inevitable that there will be good and bad news.

Monday 27 July 2009

The Bottom Line

Life is simple. Who we take ourselves to be is not.

Saturday 25 July 2009


Peek behind the curtain. You may be atonished to see a busy laboratory. the technicians are evaluating new products which affect the brain and the organism. The research and development unit are evaluating the likes and dislikes of the client and working on strategies to keep the client satisfied. The task is open-ended. The work runs on a 24 hour schedule 365 days a year.

The cost of this is painfully exorbitant and takes its toll on the company owner, both physically and mentally.

Only in moments of Stillness is it seen that this whole scenario does not exist at all.

So much toil for nothing.

Sunday 12 July 2009

Through a glass darkly

Rudra and Roushka continue their adventures. They sat with Satyananda at The Sanctuary in Smithfield, Dublin which is a beautiful retreat centre in the heart of Dublin. Set up by Sister Stanislaus it comprises a small zen garden with shrubs, fountain and a circular sun garden. Indoors is a satsang hall, library and dining area along with offices etc.

Satyananda fielded and invited questions on all topics from the technical queries on the mechanics of self-realisation* to urgent personal conundrums. Needless to say the atmosphere was deep and the satsang revealing.

*Rudra doesn't understand this phrase. He is a simple fellow and most of the time is spent looking for his glasses even though he has a strong intuition that they are not really his at all. In fact he is doubtful if he even has a role in life. Something tells him that Life is the role.

Hands Up

The Kingdom of Heaven is not only in your hands, it is your hands. Josh Baran