Thursday 22 March 2007

On listening

Rudra has his ear to the ground and his nose to the grindstone (one awkward, the other painful).

On reading these chronicles you may find our subject is unrelable, vascillating, opinionated, fanciful, farcical and out of touch with social reality. You may find that.

He is never stable never the same . He follows moment to moment. Like a bi-polar personality he is "thrilled to the sky, ready to die" . The process is only ever beginning, he tries to hold it yet it slips into concrete, the life evaporates. He especially makes light of experiences that appear 'significant' They are the dangerous ones. To render every moment as equally significant is a bland platitude yet he gave up categorising a minute ago. He remembers Tony Parsons saying to him "This is it" .

Where is Rudra? Where did Prince Reindeer of the Grimaldis go?

What is the most common thing in the world asks Shri Shri Alex:

1. Space

2. Porridge.

3. Now.

4. Other.
Thank you Guru Borat; the most common thing in the world is 'nice, very nice'

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Anonymous said...

Guru Borat says 'Nice, very nice'