Sunday 22 August 2010

Songs of Praise

When the 'me' is here I am a student. When absent there is no student and no master. Yet a flavour of gratitude and devotion lingers.


Colleen Loehr said...

Good point that the "me" is a student. This rings true, and is a helpful way to look at the me. I've had a tendency to look at the me as a kind of obstacle to be overcome, or as a thorn in the side that should somehow be removed...And all that adversarial attitude toward the me is in fact just more me! Now there is a sense of making peace with the me, accepting that illusion for what it is, rather than condemning it. And I love the observation that the me is a student! (Maybe it's the tadpole before the frog? You don't want to get rid of the tadpole, you want to let it transform into the frog. That analogy doesn't work too well, because the me and the space of no-me are both simultaneous)...Thank you very much for this post Tim.

maria marri said...

"me" usually frustrates me greatly, find it a burden, perhaps yes even an obstacle. And yet I know, I really know beyond all doubts that it is perfect. Different perceptions of the same thing. For no obvious reason either. Just changes and the same shadows are differently shaped. Maybe only perceived as different. Maybe it is just the changing light that changes everything. Again, the same "me" is in charge of the lights. Further complications. Whatever "me" is, it isn't easy to get rid of it. Keeps turning up somehow, one shape or the other. Merrygoround. I like the "feeling of gratitude" very serene. Lighthouse maybe?