Monday 16 June 2008

Teatime for lambs

The founding premise of Western, and increasingly global, civilization is the cult of the individual; the encouragement from an early age to manufacture a distinct identity which can be referred to as the ‘unique me’. The paradox lies in the fact that each of us is already unique and needs not a scrap of effort to make it so. This is analogous to continuing to pour the tea when the cup is full.


Anonymous said...

the whole world is your creation

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Brother, you are a seeker and a very learned one at that. I just humbly request you to take advantage of sahaja yoga. Shri Mataji Nirmala devi is the only known guru who can raise the 'kundalini' en masse. She has perfected the technique and thousands like you have attained - without doubt- exactly what you are seeking. Complete your seeking now, give it a try with an open mind, you will reach the goal and establish yourself there for eternity. please do not evaluate the path i am suggesting, by my flawed description of it...try it yourself, then decide. The website is you will need to a visit a centre near you, for yogis who found the path before you, to help you. You deserve it...dont deny yourself this opportunity.

Winterpoodles said...

Dear Brother,

Thanx for your kind comments. I visited the site of Shri Mataji and listened and read a bit.

I get the gist of what she offers and of course realise it is not much related to what Rudra is talking about. To quote him : "Self improvement; what a notion. The Self needs no improvement.
Self discovery; what a notion. It was never lost."

The desire to find another level of consciousness, God, self-realisation and /or experiences such as Kundalini are all posited on someone to achieve these. Freedom comes when that someone dissolves and That which was always there shines through; what the Zen boyos call our Baby or Buddha nature. St Francis put it very clearly " That which we are looking for is that which is looking".

May life live through you in love and light.

Anonymous said...

Its me again. I had suggested that you dont let your mind dissuade you from sahaja yoga, there was very good reason for what i said. I still urge you to give it a sincere try. There is nothing to read on shri mataji's site, nothing to understand. Your kundalini has to be awakened, thats all. Otherwise, all that you read will remain as book knowledge in your head. You will not have the bliss of experiencing yourself as the source of everything--24 hours a day, 7 days a week..and so on...forever. You will rob yourself of the experience of seeing the powers that lie within you..of healing, of healing others, of controlling the sun, the wnd and the moon and all that is, of permeating through matter...all because you are THAT. But have to become that...the potential to become that, lies in you as the kundalini. But i could be concocting lies, so better you experience it. You dont have to pay money or anything of the sort..just take.

I could convince you through more arguement, but it is a lengthy and endless process. I could tell you that in a span of six centuries there were only four enlightened zen masters, the rest did not achieve it. But im sure you will ask how i could know, and you would have other doubts. Thats why i said, please, just for a short while, let your mind and all the things you have read so far---rest a little. Shri mataji is just a catylyst, but an essential one. I will not push you more.

Winterpoodles said...

Dear 'me again'.

Rudra repeats that what you talk of has little relevence to what he is addressing; apples and oranges.

Rudra has no desire to heal himself or others or to control the moon and stars etc.

Rudra is not interested in book learning.

Rudra finds rest when he is not present and yet is fully present. His approach comes by itself, that is its beauty and quiet joy.

Enjoy this life and LIfE

Anonymous said...

The approach may well come on its own. One wonders why only you have been bestowed with such intelligence, and not the zillion others who went in different directions looking for the truth...germans popping up at osho's ashram in pune (only to drop their clothes, have sex lke animals - while he bought yet another rolls royce) musilms breaking their limbs getting to mecca, hindus abondoning their families and going to freeze on he himalayas....really, perhaps you right...maybe you are gifted. Maybe these wonderful insights come only to you, these rest of the created world are baboons in disguise.

But i still wonder, when you get to where you are going, or ...opps...when you realise you were there all will you know?

Roushka said...

Hi Anon,

Rudra enjoys your pithy desciptions of the zillion seekers running headlong to attain the you see why he is not impressed by the religious approaoch.

Furthermore he claims NOTHING for himself, another baboon in disguise.

BUT he proposes that the 'you' can never get 'there'. The approach is one of subtraction. After all, the you who so desires this goal is a concoction of genetic tendencies and daily conditionings etc; a spy with false papers no less.

The simple consciouness or being that shines through your eyes prior to these personal assumptions is what we are talking about.

The sensing of it is a lightness that arises when the poison has been removed from the snake. Life can be enjoyed without the ghastly ownership, no need to have tantric sex with Germans in Pune unless you feel that way inclined.

This understanding is dwelling in many mnay people at this moment.

Rudra tende to burn scriptures but here is one before he lights the match: "These days I'm not bothering about enlightenment all the time, and the result is that I get up in the morning feeling fine". Bankei, 17th century Zen Master.

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep quoting buddha and bankei? Why not take my quotes and quote me?

Forget what they said, becuase you can never be sure that they really said that in the first place. Most of the time, these things are written long after the person has died. And not surprisingly, they are oft misquoted.

I never suggested you go to mecca or climb the himalayas. All i said was, Shri Mataji is a catylyst for your OWN kundalini. It is there inside you, it is yours. It was always yours. it is just waiting for you to meet an enlightened person, so that it stirs to life and gives you enlightenment.

You will know when you are enlightened. How...

Roushka said...

Dear Anon.

Rudra thought that he HAD answered your question when he opined: "the desire to find another level of consciousness, God, self-realisation and /or experiences such as Kundalini are all posited on someone to achieve these. Freedom comes when that someone dissolves and That which was always there shines through".

He hastens to add that this is not a quote from anyone but what he has discovered himself. As you rightly point out all other quotes are second hand knowledge and not even neccessarily accurate (though often useful as pointers).

He has no interest whatsoever in Kundalini experiences, Siddhis, blissful states, enlightenment or healing himself or others or to quote you again "controlling the sun, wind and moon"

Rudra, another baboon in diguise as you say, is content to read the newspaper. He is content to let life play through him rather than to play life, to put it in nutshell.

herenow said...

Once again we see the limitations of thought and logic.
for the definitive example

I refer all to :

"That was never 5 minutes just now"

I'm afraid it was.




but this isn't an argument

yes it is
no it isn't
yes it is

love herenow