Monday 28 January 2008

Holy Communion

When awake, that is when not living in thought, every breath is Holy Communion.

When living in thought every breath is Holy Communion but not experienced as such.

The idea the I can connect to a Higher Power through some conscious effort or practice suggests that the two are seperate. Yet that sense of seperation is what causes the desire to be other than what I am*. If there is any practice it might be more in the line of seeing what is false; subtraction rather than addition.
When free of any yearning to be 'other' any practice might happen all the same; it can equally well be attendance at Mass, Mosque or brothel. What is appropriate will happen.

* 'What I am is' the portal to the understanding of unity. Am I really Laura Fuga, Agostini Bianchetti, L.Zafalon or Roberto Zafalon?

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