Monday 28 January 2008

Belief divides.

I am a Buddhist, a yellow hat Tibetan Buddhist actually. Interesting, I am a Zen Buddhist so we will have to agree to differ so take that, that and that (the sound of one hand clapping). Now do you see the Truth? I am a Christian, a Protestant actually, and we believe in the same risen Christ as you Catholics but we don't go in for Marian worship and all that idolatary. We consider The Bible to be the word of God. But we are ecumenical. I am a Muslim, Allah is Great and Mohammed is His one true prophet. That's interesting, I am an aetheist and I think your ideas are an aberration and a disgrace to common sense and sanity. Ans so on.....

The most dangerous idea in the above absurdities is the idea 'I am a ....' The identification with body, personality, occupation, belief, religion, country and ethnic group, apart from being an ultimately false one, leads to the most extraordinary amount of mental and physical conflict.

When you take your last breath which of these identifications will be of any use? Could you close your eyes and take your last breath now and see what you need in that moment? More to the point who is it who is doing the breathing? Who is it who crashes the breakers against the rocks and claps the thunder. Who circulates 'your' blood'. Who waters 'your' eyes?

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