Wednesday 9 May 2007

Vote Meher No. 1.

Rudra votes according to the state of the teeth like many a good horse doctor. The less teeth the more he votes. On being asked his age he opined; "as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth".

Rushka, Rudra's half brother and a fellow spiritual pygmy, was briefly ' taught' by the Indian 'Master' Meher Baba (1925-1969). If we didn't know that Meher was no longer with us we could surmise that he is standing for Fine Gael in Cork South-West in the General Election on May 24th 2007.


chaiwallah said...

How blessed is West Cork to have such a benignly toothless smile to vote for. Here in West Mayo we have only a suited selection of toothy gombeen men.

Meanwhile, we must relish our ability to vote or not. Elsewhere things ain't so sweet, nicht?

Belgium has just refused a visa to HH the Dalai Lama, because Prince Peabrain of the Belgians is off to trade with China! Plus ca very small change.

Chaiwallah said...

On a more serious note, in the words of Shree 1008 Chinglepoot Baba, the famous French Lingam, "Pas d'elle yeux, Rhone que nous."

Anonymous said...

Or even 'pas d'elle yeux eau ne que'

chaiwallah said...

Then again, as the notorious Lingam said,"Un petit, d'un petit, s'etonne au Oualle."