Monday 21 June 2010

Catching water with a sieve

Rudra writes to a friend who, after attending Satsang,  sees that there is nothing to be done:

"All I can add is that things are still done....satsang and deer hunting still take place. We remain helpless  trying to improve or figure things out; trying to understand and package the message with something that will never do it. The mind's understanding can never be enough. It is like trying to contain water with a sieve. Here lies the joy of helplessness. 

The power of 'satsang' in whatever form is its ability to quiet the mind..... but nothing to take home.

Nothing to take home or understand....yet it does seem we are being pulled in, despite any efforts or effortless efforts.

From this point there is no map and no directions. If you say 'not this way' it IS a way. If you say 'this way' it is also a way......What to do?????????"

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Colleen Loehr said...

mmmm....satsang is being with being. Thanks for this post.