Thursday 10 December 2009

Desert Blooms

The 'non-dual' insight can become so heady and cerebral. Us characters want everything to be explainable and slotted in to a neat hypothesis. Something to be sustainable and reliable as life hits us in the face.

There will never be an answer on that level. The finite cannot know the infinite (can it even fully know the finite?). Even those are concept words.
The dessicated plains of non-dual theory are bloomless without ingredient x, which is a shower of something resembling love. What is that love? I know the very word brings up many hours of cult and religious/spiritual practice....  in many people's minds it is labelled 'mood making'. Equally Rudra  knows  what it refers to, as every human being does; something exquisite, compassionate, caring and melting. He saw much of that in his hospital visit and sees it daily especially in others.

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