Sunday 12 July 2009

Through a glass darkly

Rudra and Roushka continue their adventures. They sat with Satyananda at The Sanctuary in Smithfield, Dublin which is a beautiful retreat centre in the heart of Dublin. Set up by Sister Stanislaus it comprises a small zen garden with shrubs, fountain and a circular sun garden. Indoors is a satsang hall, library and dining area along with offices etc.

Satyananda fielded and invited questions on all topics from the technical queries on the mechanics of self-realisation* to urgent personal conundrums. Needless to say the atmosphere was deep and the satsang revealing.

*Rudra doesn't understand this phrase. He is a simple fellow and most of the time is spent looking for his glasses even though he has a strong intuition that they are not really his at all. In fact he is doubtful if he even has a role in life. Something tells him that Life is the role.

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