Saturday 25 October 2008

Rudra in the Vale of Aherlow

Rudra spent three inspiring days in the Vale of Aherlow with Stuart Schwartz. The edge of the seat was inhabited at times as well as the deep comfort of the sofa and the hard support of the wooden floor. The Vale became the Veil and back again. When asked what 'did it all add up' to Rudra only pitched his head from side to side in a quizzical fashion. It only adds up when the discursive mind wants to solidify the past. Then concepts become set in aspic and the living thread is not seen. But you can take it from a bystander that the living thread was blazing in silence.


chaiwallah said...

Chaiwallah says:

The cat in my lap
and the chair we sit on are
as much me as I.

Swamin Talcyabotti replies:

begin and end, come and go.
Truth is unending.

andrew said...

There you go.