Friday 29 August 2008

Badminton and evensong

Rudra’s approach to religion is the same as that to sports. If you enjoy a good game of badminton fire ahead and play. When you play badminton you don’t look for the meaning of life or enlightenment in it. Religious practice without those demands might be enjoyable too.


chaiwallah said...

Khabhutsel Rimpoche, he say:

To judge is to cage
yourself within the judgement.
What a lonely place!

chaiwallah said...

Chaiwallah had some thoughts on awakening, as follows:

My left hand is chilled
from holding the book I read
as I fall asleep.

It’s the mushy peas
have me crucified with wind
as I fall asleep.

It’s the ticking clock
tells me a bad night’s coming
as I fall asleep.

When I is asleep, who's awake?