Tuesday 6 May 2008

Trading Places

Would I trade my adherence to my story, the story of my life so far with its preferences, opinions and experiences, for Serenity (for want of a better word)? That seems to Rudra to be the burning question. Equally, can I drop my belief in other's stories too. By adherence and belief I mean the deadly serious identification we have with our histories. In extremes we actually kill each other over these identifications.

You might say 'what is left?' There is no answer to that question as it cannot be answered on the level of thought. Scrabbling for words one can come up with transparency, hollowness and the attendant freedom these bring but words stop there.

All is not lost, surprisingly, because the stories remain. My history is as it was; my preferences and tendencies remain too, not mention the emotions.

A subtle shift away from the seriousness of 'me' leads to clarity and immense compassion. To see this in action is a wonder indeed.

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