Monday 22 October 2007

Robert Adams

More wisdom from Robert Adams:

There are no problems. There is nothing wrong. Everything is unfolding as it should. Everything happens in its own time. Space and time are illusions. They really do not exist. They're stationary. Causation doesn't exist either. No thing has a cause, therefore no thing has an effect. Cause and effects are again products of your own mind. When the mind is quiet, karma ceases. Samscaras are non-existent. There never was a cause for anything. But if you feel that in a previous life you did something wrong and now you are paying the price, or if you think that you did something wrong in this life and you’re paying the price, then you'll pay the price, because that's what you think.

And Again:

What are you doing with your life? How do you spend your days? The appearance is that your body is getting older and older, and if you're still judging by appearances you try to look younger and younger by putting creams on your face, by exercising day and night, by buying the finest clothes. It's like beating a dead horse. The so called body is not meant to last. As soon as you were born you began to die. Therefore find out. Who is born? Who dies? Who has experiences? Who is going through this entire mess? Who needs it? Who wants it? Wake up!

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