Saturday 15 September 2007

Two without a Third

The ever attentive Rudra has been assessing recent input whilst attending to social engagements. He was there to watch the Irish President Mary Mac Aleese open The Spiritual Care Centre at Tibetan Retreat Centre in Garranes Co Cork. He awoke laughing at the idea of a Spiritual Care centre. "How to care for a thing that doesn't exist?" says he. Despite this oddity a warm day was enjoyed by all, cultists and non-believers alike. You can't beat the uncontaminated human prescence despite the contamination of rigid thought or religion (variously described by two Indian sages as 'heaps of verbiage' and ' the frozen thoughts of man').
Rudra has been dabling in the fields of Advaita, ('one without a second' ), and notes two characteristics:
1. A shining transparency and lightness of being.
2. The inevitable humourlessness of many proponents. Where O where has he seen this before?
He now launches a new approach: 'Two without a third' or as pronounced in Dublin 'Two without a turd'.
Bibliography to follow.

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Anonymous said...

more accurately 'Teoo wideout e toord' in Dublin